America is the Daughter of Babylon spoken of in Jeremiah and Revelation.  She would make ancient Babylon proud, and God will judge her for it!

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The New World Order is the inventor of terrorism, not the Middle East.  Terrorism in America will begin a new phase soon.  See for yourself who is behind the terrorism in America and what is coming during the end times now quickly approaching!

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America is forcing World War III in the Middle East by its foreign policy and the imergence of the NEW NON ZIONIST ISRAEL and future capital of the world and UN Headquarters

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Could America Be The Daughter of Babylon?


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What Is Wrong With America and the World?

Obama won the 2016 US election and now has four more years to bring about the visions of his father!  BEWARE OF THE DESTRIUCTION OF AMERICA as we have always known it! America is in bible prophecy and it will not escape the Great Tribulation as its leaders have forsaken the God/Yah of the Bible.  The Yah of Israel.  The United States of America is the great harlot of Babylon in the Book of Revelation and the Mark of the Beast will come from Ameica and the False Prophet (American President at the time of the great tribulation) will make the world worship the Beast and take the Mark of the Beast (Antichrist)!!! She plays an important role in the end times during the great tribulation of the last days President Obama could be the False Prophet spoken of in the Book of Revelation Is the new world order about to become a reality in America in 2014


The end of America as we know it is soon! End time bible prophecy news with America in the spotlight leading up to the tribulation The destruction of America in 2014


(Click on the above Pics to their respective links)



Born-again Believers are about to be in the Cross-hairs of the US Government! Click HERE!




December 11, 2013 Obama Administration Issues Martial Law Directive

Brace Yourself For ISIS Is Already In America! Looks like they have a business and website?


President Obama does not have America's best interests in mind!  We are vulnerable to an attack from Russia and China in 2015 or 2016, and I believe Obama is working with Putin and both are striving for the Communist takeover of the US.  They are great actors to dumbed downed Americans who think that is impossible.  Don't forget that the goal of the Illuminati is World Communism!


Learn about the nation of Turkey, the third temple and the coming New World Order in the Middle East. The illuminati and the New World Order is alive and well in Israel. You may not ever heard of their influence in Israel. See what they have already done.

Is the United States of America in End Times Bible Prophecy? Many Bible teachers on the end times say America is not in the Bible prophecy, when it comes to end time prophecy or any other time for that matter.

Wouldn't you think that the most powerful nation on the planet (United States of America) at the present, and arguably since time began, would be in the Bible concerning the last days?

My answer would be YES! America is in Biblical Prophecy!!!

It certainly is in Bible prophecy, and it doesn't bode well for America, who has kicked God/Yahwah out of the government, the classroom, the home and is fervently trying to kick Him out of the US military and all of American life, and America is feeling the impact of being a Godless nation, as God has left it to it's own devices, which are Godless and extremely evil!

Evil Take Over of America is finally upon us and 2015 will bring more evil, more intrusion into the privacy of Americans confusion and judgment!

Those in America who do not die to themselves, will unfortunately die at the hands of the NWO, or take the mark of the beast in the great falling away first.  Most will be beheaded as Revelation says numerous times, by either the hands of Muslims or by the US government in internment camps, or by civil war, followed by martial law by and the russian invasion and Chinese together as part of a UN force, to enforce martial law per the World Court allowing China and Russia and others who hold America's debt to get what was put up as collateral, which is that which the government owns, like land, buildings, minerals, oil, natural gas, water and I hope you get the picture, along with agenda 21 that is coming!  Millions of 


Americans will not like, agree with, nor take the taking of their lands by China or anyone else because of the US governments failed economic policies and their willingness to let foreign governments take land in America in some default scheme of the US government or anyone else.  Cause for revolution or civil war?  Highly possible, but that is just what the US government wants, so it can declare martial law and kill Americans.


America #1? 36 Facts That Prove That The United States Is An ‘Exceptional’ Nation?


Nov. 3, 2015 - Alaska, Prepare to Defend Yourselves

Oct. 2015 - Halloween Is The Biggest Day Of The Year For The Fastest Growing Religion In America

Nov.10, 2013 People Are Leaving the Workforce in Droves: What it Means for Businesses and the Economic Predictions for 2015 aren't good!

Its going to end badly Click Here!

Trouble is coming to America and it's going to end badly.  See what you can do to prepare!

Internment Camps For Dissenters of the New World Order

Bible prophecy for america says it will destroy Persia, but trouble at home, possibly martial law.

The building of the 1st Horn Kingdom of (Rev.17:12)


Yah will give and has been giving what the majority of Americans want. A land without Him!!!. And He has lifted his hand from this land, and all that Godlessness, lawlessness and iniquity brings, is already happening and will continue coming upon the land of America, and America Is On The Brink Of Civil War!!!

Why Should You Consider Living Off the Grid or at least know how to, and the 10 Prepping Mistakes that you should avoid making!!!

Come out of Babylon into places of safety when the time comes, or partake of the plagues, Yahwah will send upon it!

To find America, the daughter of Babylon in the Bible you just have to look at the right verses given in the Bible for what seems to me, to be obvious when they are shown to someone!

The Book of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, all of which much of their writings can be found in the book Revelation seem to be where most of the references can be found about the United States of America (land of the Israelites) and the presidency of America.

Ram and He-Goat Prophecy of Daniel

and the End of America as we know it!

The He-goat ppt in (Daniel 8:4, 5, 6, 7, 8) speaks of a he goat coming from the west and not touching the ground and destroys the ram. (See the Little Horn antichrist) I believe this to be describing the United States President and his armies as Commander In Chief, in World War III with Iran, and Syria!

The ram and he goat prophecy for america.  Will it happen in 2014?

Bible Prophecy for America

In (Daniel 7:3, 4) we see the four kingdoms which arise when the he-goat's horn is broken after winning the war. The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth,...) I believe this represents the nation of Great Britain, which finally gets the American people off its back. You know those pesky Americans who defeated them in the American Revolution, and prevented Great Britain from ruling the world during that time.

Also in the Book of Revelation, we have the depiction of the False Prophet, which I believe represents the President of the US when the "beginning of sorrows" begins the last 7 years before Messiah Yahshua the Christ/Jesus returns to set up his earthly kingdom!

I also believe that our New World Order Masonic forefathers and presidents have used the US to do its bidding, and the US currency as well via the Federal Reserve!

Things are changing quickly around the world and in the USA. The economic collapse beginning in 2008 is not over, despite what you are being told, and worse scenarios are coming, including World War III, which involves Israel, Iran, Syria, the USA, and other countries as well.

The Arab Spring was the beginning of this, and either right before, during or at the end of World War III, when Persia is defeated which is my guess, is when Martial Law will finally be declared in the USA, of which Occupy Wall Street like the Arab Spring, is the beginning of setting up that scenario, that the President sides with. Those involved are but actors in a script that has been written for them, just like the Arab Spring, etc., by the World powers behind the US government!

How To Survive Martial Law In America! America will go under Martial Law as already decreed by our government, and the coming False Prophet who will make the whole world (not those in the Kingdom of Yah) take the mark of the beast, the number 666 and thusly under the control of the UN, the world beast power, yet to be fulfilled.

When the USA goes under martial law, it loses its UN five member Security Council "permanent member" status (Russia, China, France, Great Britain and the USA) along with its veto power in the UN Security Council, and I believe that Germany, the current power in the European sector, will get the honor to fill the vacancy. You will then have the new Five Permanent members which make up the four last kingdoms that rule along side the UN which holds to their Socialistic/Communistic governing views of a United Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR reborn in the new World United Nations order of the ages, the terrible beast, or you could say, Satan's United Kingdom of the Illuminati Rothschild Edomomite false Israel.

Rush Limbaugh and the Libyan Connection and Obama the 12th Imam?


Occupy Wall Street What is it according to Glenn Beck, and how long will it last in America? "I would tend to agree at this point, but reserve the right to change my mind. Ha, that was a joke. I believe it is exactly what's going on!" Jeff Forrester

Welcome to the New America Oct 24, 2011

The Illuminati and Smirnoff Ads- Coming Destruction of America


america_hijacked.jpg (52871 bytes)

A must read and a great Video as well !!

"All American People should see this, You are owned and controlled by Zionist Israel, Israel is an abomination on the world, a terrorist racist Evil state, This is why half the world hates America and the UK because of our blindness to Israeli crimes and our continued support of Israel. America and The UK are used By Israel to promulgate war on Arabic nations, and as long as we support this criminal terrorist state there will never be Peace on Earth. Why does the American Government swear allegiance to Israel, while taking down the constitution." Video Maker

The Established False Christian Church has been lying to you. It is in bed with the BEAST!

The delusion that most Americans are in is growing deeper with the help of the Mainstream Media and our corrupt politicians inside all political parties!!!

A New NDAA Law Was Passed by Congress Dec. 2013

In the United States, a pivot point that signals martial law is the suspension of habeas corpus – the right to a hearing on whether an imprisonment is lawful. In practice, habeas corpus means a person cannot be imprisoned without legitimate charges and due process.



The Illuminati Destruction of America

The Destruction of America

There are Fema Concentration Camps and Internment Camps in America for NWO Dissenters and US Patriots and especially all true Christians who the New World Order will call terrorists and members of the worst cult in mankind's history!!!


See How To Prepare for Coming Martial Law In America!

My People Perish Because of Lack of Vision

Get the Vision of Yahwah, the God of Israel, and stand in the evil day. Eph. 6:10, 11, 12      Please read, THE LAST MOVE OF YAH/GOD and get onboard with the Army of Yah, that is enlisting now!!! There is work to do and little time left. Put your Armor on now. Prepare for battle in the "spirit realm" as it is heating up in the heavenlies!!!!

The person called Jesus Christ born on Dec.25th never existed, but is a made up figure/person by Rome to bring a false peace amongst the peoples they conquered and to deceive.  Jesus Christ is not Yahshua the Nazarene born in Bethlehem during the "feast of tabernacles" and the true Messiah of Israel and the world, the Son of Yahwah.  Jesus Christ is an imposter and antichrist!! 

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Last Move of God/Yahwah

America's 85 Yr Cycle Change

Secret Panel Can Put Americans on Kill List

The Last Move of God For those who want to know what God is doing in the earth in HIS church!

It is the Man Child that will defeat the New World Order Illuminati after Satan rules over it in the earth.


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Click here for How To Prepare & Survive the Coming Martial Law in America!



The Big Brother Police State is here.  Take a ride with us and see what the government is up too.  Click and begin a trip into the government's psyche and the plans they have for you!




This is what the New World Order wants for two thirds of the planet earth.  They want to bring the earth back into sustainable levels, which according to them is two billion people, not seven billion people.  They plan to eliminate 5 billion people from the earth by their evil means.  War, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, euphunasia, famine and other means.  You can escape their assualt that is being racheted up as you read this.



Off the Grid Survival Supplies





We will not recognize the America and the freedoms we have loved because of what Obama and the progressives will have done to the Constitution.  Shreaded it!!!

Obama's America in 2016











Private Jewish Bank Strangling America

The Jewish Illuminati controlled banking system and its influence on building the New World Order









Police State in America








Destruction of America










New American Revolution 2015?

















Civil War Coming to America 2015?













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Is Martial Law Coming to America in 2015










Endtimes Prophecy Tribulation Timeline Update















Would You Please Pray

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Surviving the Rise of Islam!!!!!




Green is the color of Islam!  And Islam is affecting the whole world with it lies and deception and mayhem.  Beware!!


The agents of destroying the earth, before Yah's judgment on them at the end of the world.




The Masonic Order rules in America and in Israel via the Illuminati.  America is in bible prophecy.  Stay abreast of the prophecy news concerning America.

Freemasonry in Israel






Islam and the UN !


Islam and the Catholic Connection


Sharia Law in America?


Iran News




Jeff's book available to read FREE now!



The Rapture, The Tribulation and You

You need to know the truth about the timing of the rapture and the end of the world, so you will be prepared for what is about to come to the planet earth.

A fresh and timely point of view






The Soon Coming Worth of the Dollar

Collapse of PetroDollas



Just as current news headlines witness, Islam extremists are about the business of beheading those who do not believe in Allah and Islam!  Cities are not safe anymore in the US.  Prepare to get off the grid now, unless Yahwah tells you different.

Rev.6:9, 10, 11 and Rev.20:4

This is what Islam extremists do to those who are not of that faith!




Tent cot






SteriPEN Traveler



America in the News


This film produced by ABC in 1987 shows the takeover of the U S by Russia.  American freedoms are left behind by socialism which begins with a plague in a small town in America.  This film eerily predicts what may well happen in the US shortly.  The New World Order is tightening its grip on America leaving ordinary citizens left behind economically.  Visit the Tribulation News for up to date info on the progress of the NWO.

Do you know

what that means?

Click here for info



American Police State




Prepare For the Food Shortage Coming


Food will be used as a weapon in the coming days and years to rid the earth of unstainable persons, who the NWO believes is not contributing to the global family.  Don't be caught in the coming food shortage!






Read what is more likely to happen in the world than what the  left behind series espouses.  See the beginnings already happening today as you read this thrilling novel about the coming mark of  the beast and how the US government plans to bring it about.  The headlines on today's newcasts will begin to be put in their proper perspective.

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If there is one book about the rapture and the end times tribulation that you must read, it is this one.  A non fiction book that sheds much light into the fallacy of what is protrayed in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.

"No Rapture Truth Left Behind": The Tribulation Saints by J. Amory Forrester

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End times sequence of events during the tribulation period and rapture as depicted in the Book of Revelation..

Chart of The Tribulation



World Economic Collapse





Martial law is coming to America, quite possibly during the upcoming or already happening World War III.  You must prepare now!



Prepare For the Great Tribulation That IS Coming!


America will not escape the Great Tribulation as its leaders have forsaken the God/Yah of the Bible.  The Yah of Israel.  The United States of America is the great harlot of Babylon in the Book of Revelation and the Mark of the Beast will come from Ameica and the False Prophet (American President at the time of the great tribulation) will make the world worship the Beast and take the Mark of the Beast (Antichrist)!!!


America Will Not Escape World War III!

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All about the New World Order during the end times.  Facts, documents, plans etc.

New World Order Data & Info Page






The New AmeriKa

The New World Order is the inventor of terrorism, not the Middle East.  Terrorism in America will begin a new phase soon.  See for yourself who is behind the terrorism in America and what is coming during the end times now quickly approaching!

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