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Where Could We Be In Regards to the End of the World?



Tribulaiton Chart of the End Times

End Times Prophecy Chart

(Go to 1st Seal/White horse and the 2nd Seal/Red Horse on that chart)


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Year 2014 in Bible Prophecy

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I am often asked where do I think we are in the timeline of the events of the Book of Revelation?


Chart for the Book of Revelation in the End TimesThe rider on the white horse of the apocalypse and 1st sealThis is the 2nd Seal and the Red Horse of the Acopolypse!


First of all, I don't believe I nor anyone can really tell with certainty when the 1st Seal, or White Horse might begin, but I do believe that we can tell when the Red Horse rider takes peace from the earth, with a great sword,  which probably means the beginning of World War III, however or wherever it starts, whether it be in the Ukraine, Syria, Iran or N. Korea or in the US, Russia will be a key figure with doing most of the saber rattling and killing!


First take a look at the rider on the White Horse and see if you think we are in this 1st Seal of Revelation or if it is on the horizon and also see my

2015 Predictions for America and the world.


2nd Seal

Rev. 6:3,4

2nd Horse


Power was given to him, sitting on the red horse to take peace from the earth & to kill one another; given a great sword.

The Russian Edomomites

Corresponding 2nd Angel of Rev 14:2



I am not prophesying, but giving an opinion based on my deductive reasoning and the international current events that pertain to the coming Great Tribulation of Matthew 24:6, 14, 15, 21, 29, 31 (There shall be rumors of wars, but the end is not yet, kingdom of the gospel preached into all the world, then the end shall the end come when the abomination of desolation stands and then shall be great tribulation of 3 1/2 years, then the rapture Matthew 24:30,31).


the 2nd Seal and the rider of the red horse could begin with Red Communistic Russia entering the Middle Eastern conflict on the side of Syria or Iran to begin World War III, or either in the Ukraine, 



which will within 3 months of then, bring about the Ram and he-goat prophecy of Daniel, which is the West's war against Persia (with Iran/Syria/Iraq all at the same time)


This is the World War III scenario I believe that the Illuminati wants to start, to further the New World Order and it's goal of a one world government, with its capital in Jerusalem.





2nd Seal and the Red Horse of Revelation



See the 2nd Horse RED HORSE PowerPoint Slideshow version of what happens!



If Russia doesn't enter the Middle East war in Syria and eventually Iran, which I believe will be the start of World War III which would cause the defeat of Persia by the US, and at the same time or during the conflict, the USA will also go under UN rule because of Homeland problems such as civil war, financial collapse or now even possibly a severe Ebola Outbreak,  any or all of which would cause the President of the US to call for martial law or maybe it will be called a Police Emergency or something similar, and if not then the 3rd Seal and Black Horse rider of the Apocalypse cannot begin.


Sequence of events in Revelation




Update: November 2014

The answer to that question hinges on what your definition of "entering the conflict" means though doesn't it? Russia may not have "boots on the ground", but the never ending saga of President Obama's not fulfilling his promises continues. The "crossing the red line" statement he made concerning Syria, that he would take military action against Syria for it's chemical weapons use are again meaningless words from a president "hell bent on destroying America", as he turns over control of the situation to RUSSIA !!!!!

For more on this development and what it may mean CLICK HERE!!!



Must read articles:  Rise of the Russian Bear  and The Russian Invasion of America







Nov. 02, 2014  Putin to the Western Elites: World War III Is Inevitable  


Oct. 24, 2014  Putin accuses US of undermining global stability


April 20, 2014 How Sanctions Against Russia Could Signal the Beginning of ‘World War III’

April 8, 2014  Russian leader, Putin, has ace in the hole.  Iran!


Sept 14, 2013 Kerry and Russia reach deal on Syrian Chemical Weapons


May 29, 2013 - UN Gets More Info on Chemical Weapon Use in Syria


May 29, 2013 - Obama Wants His No Fly Zone in Syria


May 29, 2013 - Russia Sending Arms to Syria


April 2, 2013 - U.N. overwhelmingly approves global arms trade treaty


April 13, 2013 Ex-Green Beret: Civil War Coming To America


Sharia Law Coming to America?


First a


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Fasten your seatbealt in America and be prepared for the year 2012 in biblical prophecy coming tribulation!

Last days chart of the end times

Tribulation Internet Chart Page

"Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God." Acts 14:22

"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there, behold the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:21

















Year 2014 in Prophecy

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Year 2014 in Bible Prophecy

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