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Obama won the 2016 US election and now has four more years to bring about the visions of his father!  BEWARE OF THE DESTRIUCTION OF AMERICA as we have always known it!


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2015?   Will it be the Year of the

End of the World?

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Where are we currently (Sept. 2015) in the Book of Revelation and could the NWO planned End of America be on the horizon?

The year 2014 has come and gone, the year 2015 is here, and NO, the end of the world will not happen in 2015, nor the return of Yahshua either for that matter! 

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Brace Yourself For ISIS Is Already In America! Looks like they have a business and website?




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Those that still hold on to a pre tribulation rapture view still continue to say and insist that Jesus/Yahshua, can return any day for His church (false imminent return doctrine) and have been espousing this for years and years, and actually for several decades, for I used to preach it as well over 25 years ago.  I was wrong then and they are still wrong today.  Why? 

 It is a teaching from wolves in sheep's clothing spawned from the "pit of hell"!   It is an affront to the power and the plan of God/Yah for the church/called out ones!  It is a doctrine of defeat and not one of Overcoming, that God teaches in His Word.  We have been mislead and deceived when it comes to teaching regarding the return of Jesus/Yahshua to the earth to set up His Kingdom forever.  We have been taught and we have been teaching to doctrine and plan of Satan, not the scriptural plan of God/Yah for his triumphant church in the last days!

It is high time we came out of these false doctrines and teachings of the false prophets of Baal and out of the false church of Christianity that they inhabit, or pay the price Jesus himself said would be paid!  Rev.2:20, 21, 22  and Rev.2:14, 15, 16 and Rev.2:9, 10

So what must really happen before the end of Satan's rule in the world and the return of Jesus/Yahshua to set up his kingdom?  

Satan must be kicked out of heaven because of the birth of the Manchild (Rev. 12:7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), and the remaining saints in the earth will be conformed unto the image of Christ (Ephesians 4:11, 12, 13). 

Many Americans voted for the fundamental change that Obama said he would bring to America, that was different from those before him.  They were right about a change coming, and it has been absolutely fundamental?   So what about 2015 and 2016, which is the time he has left in his presidency?  Will he finish what the Illuminati NWO got him elected to do in the first place?  I believe so!

How how can you really escape the tribulation that is coming? 


And Be Part Of the Solution, Not the Problem!

The Spirit of Elijah Must Come First Before the Day of the Lord!

Why Should You Consider Living Off the Grid?

Is there a book that you can depend on for the Truth concerning 2015 prophecies and beyond, including the rapture

(I Corinthians15:51)

The answer is Yes!!

The Word of God  End time Teaching Book  Truth about the Tribulation and Rapture

(The Holy Bible) (II Peter 1:19, 20, 21)


Do you know what the mark of the beast really is?

Do you know where the antichrist will come from?

Do you know how World War III might start and when?

Who is really Left Behind

When does "the thief in the night" come?



Do you know what the situation in Iran and Syria are leading up to, not to mention ISIS?

You must get the answers to those questions RIGHT!!!!!

Else you are in grave


The person NAMED or called Jesus Christ born on Dec.25th never existed, but is a made up figure/person by Rome to bring a false peace amongst the peoples they conquered and to deceive.  Jesus Christ is not Yahshua the Nazarene born in Bethlehem during the "feast of tabernacles" and the true Messiah of Israel and the world, the Son of Yahwah.  Jesus Christ is an imposter and antichrist!! 

See How To Prepare for Coming Martial Law In America!

The economic collapse of 2008 and 2009 that is still ongoing and accelerating despite what the government and the Lame Street News agencies are telling us, and the war machine rattling its saber as well as the Doom and Gloom prophecies of 2014 getting greater and greater attention is getting the nervous attention of people who do not normally think of such a scenario as the world coming to an end.

Are these FEMA  and Internment Camps what are coming to 

the citizens of the once great and free USA in 2015????


Notice at the top of the magazine cover, "SCHOOLCHILDREN FIRST IN LINE FOR SECURITY CHIP IMPLANT"!

The mishandling of the economic situation in the United States by Washington is getting regular folks like you and me a little tired of the status quo. Washington is wasting our hard earned money, that is if you think bailing out the rich fat cats is wasteful? I do and apparently thousands of other hard working citizens do as well.  There are perilous times ahead! (II Timothy 3:1)  And you need to be prepared for them!

Evil Take Over of America is upon us in 2015!






This is what the New World Order wants for two thirds of the planet earth.  They want to bring the earth back into sustainable levels, which according to them is two billion people, not seven billion people.  They plan to eliminate 5 billion people from the earth by their evil means.  War, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, euphunasia, famine and other means.  You can escape their assualt that is being racheted up as you read this.





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Read what is more likely to happen in the world than what the  left behind series espouses.  See the beginnings already happening today as you read this thrilling novel about the coming mark of  the beast and how the US government plans to bring it about.  The headlines on today's newcasts will begin to be put in their proper perspective.

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If there is one book about the rapture and the end times tribulation that you must read, it is this one.  A non fiction book that sheds much light into the fallacy of what is protrayed in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.

"No Rapture Truth Left Behind": The Tribulation Saints by J. Amory Forrester

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Prepare For the Great Tribulation That IS Coming!


America will not escape the Great Tribulation as its leaders have forsaken the God/Yah of the Bible.  The Yah of Israel.  The United States of America is the great harlot of Babylon in the Book of Revelation and the Mark of the Beast will come from Ameica and the False Prophet (American President at the time of the great tribulation) will make the world worship the Beast and take the Mark of the Beast (Antichrist)!!!


America Will Not Escape the destruction that is coming to it!

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The Tribulation Institute is there for you.  Teachings about the Great Tribulation and the rapture from a post tribulation point of view.  The church is going through the entire tribulation and needs to know how be under God's  protection that doesn't just come because you are a Christian.  Please take a look at the site before you make any judgments.


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