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 New World Order takeover in 2015

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Full size picture of the Chart of The Book of Revelation and the End of the World!  Click on it to view, and the internet version below for more.     Will Obama seek a 3rd term or declare martial law?

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Where are we currently (Sept. 2015) in the Book of Revelation?


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New World Order 2015?

Sodom and Gomorrah

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False Flags in 2015

ISIS and the Levant and World War III



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Matt.24:7, 8

All these are the beginning of sorrows!

Syria and World War III

The latest on earthquakes and volcanoes

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Syria, ISIS and World War III Update
World War III
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Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

See this powerful powerpoint presentation about the Star Gods that the Hebrews worshipped and every culture in the world, except Christians.


American Concentration Camps for Americans

The New World Order is the inventor of terrorism, not the Middle East.  Terrorism in America will begin a new phase soon.  See for yourself who is behind the terrorism in America and what is coming during the end times now quickly approaching!

Smartphones and the Coming Mark & Image of the Beast

America & the Israel Deception

America is forcing World War III in the Middle East by its foreign policy and the imergence of the NEW NON ZIONIST ISRAEL and future capital of the world and UN Headquarters

New Civil War in America is Forming Sides!

Prepare for the coming new Civil War in America planned by the NWO

Satan Rules in Cults &  Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is ruled by Satan and his minions of the NWO

End Time Places of Safety in the Wilderness

Identity Theft & the Mark of the Beast Connection

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Chinese Invasion of America? ISIS, ISIS and the Levant 2015 Jerusalem Is The Great City on Seven Hills

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2015 New World Order Takeover Plans and Updates


Read about America's coming guerrilla warfare as reaction to martial law from Dave Hodges Common Sense.

The Second American Revolution

Will 2015 Bring the End of the American Dream?

Is the Israeli Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem Illuminati inspired, and where the international court will move to during the tribulation period?  The lifting of the capstone on the pyramid  

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 Today's Topic

From Jeff Forrester


Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges Discuss Pope's Statements in latest 

American trip and Events that have happened in Sept. 2015!

  August 21, 2015 - The Chinese Plan to Occupy America



ISIS: The Real & Larger NWO Picture. 

Nov. 14, 2015- Terrorism in Paris and Who Is Next!

Nov. 3, 2015 - Alaska, Prepare to Defend Yourselves  

Nov. 1, 2015 - Obama and His CIA Family are the Manifestation of a Multi-Generational Soviet Plot to Destroy America and Civil War and World War III will be the result, which will probably begin in Syria!

Oct. 16, 2015 - Hillary Clinton: Australia Gun Ban ‘Worth Looking At’ In U.S.


July 14,2015 - Iran nuclear deal:  What could it mean?


 Was the Quest for Immortality At the Tower of Babel Now Being Realized in 2015?

  The Extinction of Mankind Series: Final Call For Christians To Awaken

May 6 2015 - ISIS, Jade Helm, Guillotines and the Ultimate Fate of Many Christians


  May 6, 2015 - Jade Helm Military Exercises in US: Should You Be Worried Update?

Is Martial Law Coming to America in 2015 followed by the Mark of the Beast 666 cell phone?


Could the beginning of the tribulation begin in 2015 or 2016 and the long awaited New World Order plans of the Illuminati and its Freemason contingency of having a one world government finally be put in place and how long till we get the new global currency?

Is there a connection between Jade Helm, the Pope coming to America to address Congress and the UN, the 4 Blood Moons, the Iranian Nuclear Deal and the firing up of CERN to 100% capacity and the possible Judgment and the Demise of America in 2015?  See what you think!


 UPDATED! NewsInsideOut report: A global Extinction Level false flag event is underway under the Meme “September 23, 2015” lasting until Oct. 11-12, 2016, challenging the positive timeline!  A FALSE FLAG YEAR?

I hope that what you read and see on this website, and the biblical prophecies contained herein that will eventually come to pass, will help in your coming to the truth of just what is actually going on in the New World Order, what it really is.




Is Obama Sleeping when it comes to Putin/Russia Or Are They Conspirators Together?  I certainly do believe so after weighing all the evidence, but You be the judge yourself!  President Obama does not have America's best interests in mind as millions of Americans are finally waking up to the fact!  We are vulnerable to an attack from Russia and China in 2015 or 2016, and I believe Obama is working with Putin and both are striving for the Communist takeover of the US which is where really the last group of citizens that are preventing the communistic New World Order of finally manifesting.  Make no mistake, both Putin and Obama are great actors to the dumbed downed Americans who think that is impossible.  Don't ever forget that the goal of the Illuminati NWO is World Communism!


I hope you learn what their plans for you are and who is behind these diabolical attempts to take away your freedoms and cause you to find safety in the government and not the Creator of all things who loves you and wants to reveal to you His plan for you and the world, and be part of His coming Kingdom at the end of the Great Tribulation that is fast approaching after the beginning of sorrows when the last four kingdoms will arise out of the soon coming World War III, which I believe will follow the coming civil war being fomented by the NWO as you read this.  I absolutely believe that after studying the facts concerning Jade Helm objectively, one must conclude that it will lead to revolution and civil war either during the exercises or sometime shortly after they supposedly conclude Sept 15, 2015.


Keep your eyes open to the Word and your ears open to the Holy Spirit of Yah, as places of safety in Goshen will begin to open up!


All hell is about to break loose in the US in 2015 with ISIS and Jade Helm at the forefront along with the coming collapse of the US dollar which will probably bring in the martial law to address the riots in the streets and extract high target resistors followed later by the run of the mill "terrorists" that the US government declares Christians to be.  And yes, vaccines and another Ebola scare will return afterwards.


Emblem of ISIL and Levant

Syria, ISIS and World War III Update

Ebola & Islamic State ‘twin plagues,’ says UN Rights Chief  10/15/14


Zeid said the UN human rights office has begun drawing up guidelines for Ebola-hit nations to follow if they impose health quarantines on people, because such efforts can easily violate a wide range of human rights if imposed and enforced unjustly.  Really?imprisonment

This website and this page is not to put fear into your hearts, but to instill faith in you by exposing the agenda of Satan and Yah's protection through acting on His Word by trying to answer those questions!

(Everything is much Worse!  Common Sense Article)


What Do I believe Is Next On the Illuminati Agenda?

At first I believed that FORCED VACCINATIONS!!!!!


New World Order Progress Updates


I believe forced vaccinations for the Ebola virus is on their agenda, along with World War III, the crash of the US Dollar..............Martial Law ....... and ........Agenda 21 plans that are going about as the NWO has planned, but the Jade Helm 15 and the collapse of the economy along with ISIS in the US who are about to create havoc at the invite of our government who is footing the bill for them and supplying them with the armaments to do so.   And let's not forget the Shemitah and the important dates of world events in September 2015



(You might want to read this!!)


Fear can cause inaction as well.  A known common reaction to fear!  You will need to in the coming days, weeks and months (probably too late then) to decide how you are going to react, if you already haven't already!!

If Ebola not only continues to spread uncontrolably in West Africa like it is, and especially in the US with more and more cases showing up, you will either decide to:

  • Do nothing  (the worst reaction in my opinion)

  •   Stop everything and board yourself in your dwelling  (bad idea too)

  • Wait past the time that you should have done something (also very bad)

  • Go to an isolated place somewhere and wait for a while  (my suggestion if You can)

  • Pray right now to Yah/God for direction  (my immediate suggestion)

  • Leave the cities for a place Off the Grid  (my suggestion, if prayer confirmed)

 Most of the above with the exception of the news updates at the top of the page was written in the past summer of 2014.  It is now late May 2015 and Jade Helm has surfaced taking the lead in the possible scenarios that will bring in martial law as well as the rest of the events aforementioned.



Here are at least 30 Reasons American is Already a Police State!


Nov. 24, 2013 Obamacare: A Front For (WHO) World Health Organization, Complete With Legal Executions (Healthcare Bill)


The year 2014 was indeed a confusing and chaotic year, but I believe 2015 has the probability for either setting up or bringing about many significant Bible prophecies concerning not only America but the world. 

And it is America and the President of America that is at the forefront of what is to happen around the world, such as forcing the world into World War III, martial law in America and the coming Mark of the Beast!  His presidency will be coming to a close in two years and I believe he will finish what he started, which is the total transformation of America into a socialistic and police state!


You should please check out the many articles, etc. directly above and at the top of the page for further information on what the New World Order has done and the possible advancement in 2014 of those agendas and NWO plans to get a much clearer picture of just what has happened, thus opening up the door for 2014 and beyond to be years of the Illuminati's One World Police State Government's furthering its agenda including a world currency to replace the US dollar when it crashes, due to "quantative easing" and the soon coming loss of its "reserve currency" status!


Thanks for visiting this site and I hope the information provided herein will help in your assessment as to what you might want to do about the tremendous infringement of the New World Order into the freedoms that Americans once had, that is quickly eroding, and what precautions you might take to ensure the safety and well being of you, your family and your loved ones. Prison camps for those who will not adhere to the dictates of the New World Order have been in place for many years and many will be imprisoned or killed. Make no mistake about it, martial law is coming to America!!


Things are chaotic around the world, and in the USA, and you might want to learn how to survive martial law in America that is coming soon!

Please, get your Supplies now in preparation FOR living off the grid or any emergency survival situation, that will come unexpectedly! These are serious times folks. We don't go through all the time and hassle to make available all these survival products to just make a few dollars (and I do mean a few)! We offer them as part of our ministry. If we only told you the problems we are going to face and that you needed to prepare, and did not give you the opportunity and help you to prepare by offering the things you need to prepare for them, especially food and water filtration, then in my estimation, I would be derelict in my duty and calling before Yah!


The government can already arrest and detain you indefinitely without court order or later trial. Free speech will soon come to an end and the US government will continue to force a revolution in America in order to imprison or kill dissenters! You will not be able to hide forever, and must draw near to Yah, and allow Him to protect you during this and coming years as the mark of the beast is surely not far ahead!


I know that many of you are coming to this page because of the high ranking on the search engines that this page has on New World Order keywords, and that many of you are not adherers to the faith in the Messiah of the world as portrayed in The Bible, or you might be one of those that think they are, but have been deceived by the apostate organized Christian church whether it be by the Catholic or the Protestant church.


Others coming here do not believe who President Obama really is for various and assorted reasons. However, I pray that you would before it is too late for you and the deception that he brings as well as the possible end of America as we know it, which already doesn't even resemble the America I knew growing up in the 50's and 60's.


Did you know that the Federal Reserve Bailed Out Foreign Banks to the tune of 16 trillion dollars that the first audit of the Federal Reserve in 100 years revealed in 2011? I didn't.


Either it is a well kept secret (but not on the internet) that the mainstream media wants to keep that way, or I haven't been doing my homework on keeping you informed on pertinent news on the economic perils facing America and the outright stealing of the wealth of innocent Americans, so that the NWO can bring down the economic status of Americans to 3rd world country status, with not only the help of Obama but most of our politicians in Washington!


I also believe it is possible that a power outage of one section or more in the US is probable, and it will be a false flag event, and will be blamed on another country.  What country that will be, I don't know, but either Russia, ISIS or Iran takes top priority in my mind, giving the White House the opportunity to declare martial law or at least continue the downward spiral into the Police State he so desperately wants to be in full bloom.

President Obama does not have America's best interests in mind! Are we vulnerable to an attack from Russia and China or are going to attack Russia first?  If you want a clearer picture of the truth what is going on with the wars in the Middle East and the Ukraine and what is next, then I highly suggest seeing the video below.  Click Here or on the Pic. to Watch the Video below and you decide!



Take a look at Jade Helm and the Impending Economic Collapse and what These 5 Things Experts Warn Will Follow the Collapse of the Dollar!  The clock is ticking towards the fall of America.  We don't have long. PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!

TRUNEWS  Listen to the daily end times news that reports the news concerning the countdown to the second coming of Yahshua/Jesus by the end times newsman, Rick Wiles! 

Daily End Times News by the end time newsman Rick Wiles

Rick Wiles 2-part interview last May with Charlotte-based Mena Lee Grebin set the all-time record for the most listened-to Trunews programs. Mena Lee Grebin returns for a one-hour chat with Rick to follow-up on her prophetic dreams and visions about chaos in the United States in the last stage of Barack Obama’s second term.

Read more at  


Summer Training



in the

Rocky Mountains

Jeff Forrester

Survival Trucks

Much happened in 2014 concerning the advancement of the New World Order's policies, but not as much as I anticipated at the end of 2014.  After the 1st of the new year, things might get bad in a hurry!

So, I do in fact, believe that many of the possible scenarios in the US and around the world, that could or should have happened in my mind in 2014, will probably happen in 2015 including martial law in America, the possible end of America as we know it and World War III as a result of ISIS!.

The Big Brother Police State is here.  Take a ride with us and see what the government is up too.  Click and begin a trip into the government's psyche and the plans they have for you!

Off the Grid and Survival Skills Center


You never know when they may come for YOU!!!

Endtimes Prophecy Timetable Update


End times sequence of events during the tribulation period and rapture as depicted in the Book of Revelation..

It's Time to Prepare Mentally, Spiritually as well as Physically or survival will become much more difficult as time goes on. Do it now!! Put Yah's will first and foremost in your thoughts and deeds and come out of Babylon!!



Sept 11, 2013 POPE says that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GOD to go to heaven! Really? So is all this Faith in God business that Christians speak of to go to heaven overrated? Or is Roman Catholicism the biggest Cult in history! You decide!!

Some Things That Happened in 2013


December 11, 2013 Obama Administration Issues Martial Law Directive


Well, we have a new Pope and things are soon about to change in the Middle East! Islam and Roman Catholicism will unite and eventually a new Masonic Temple will be built in Jerusalem, after the fall of Syria and Iran as the Ram and He-Goat prophecy declares!

Obama won his re-election bid and his 2016 plans are insight, as the Year 2014 could prove to be the Biggest Year Yet in End Time Biblical Prophecy and The Last Move of Yah/God is Underway!

The delusion that most Americans are in is growing deeper with the help of the Mainstream Media and our corrupt politicians inside all political parties!!!

A New NDAA Law Was Passed by Congress Dec. 2013

In the United States, a pivot point that signals martial law is the suspension of habeas corpus – the right to a hearing on whether an imprisonment is lawful. In practice, habeas corpus means a person cannot be imprisoned without legitimate charges and due process.



The Illuminati Destruction of America

The Destruction of America

There are Fema Concentration Camps and Internment Camps in America for NWO Dissenters and US Patriots and especially all true Christians who the New World Order will call terrorists and members of the worst cult in mankind's history!!!


See How To Prepare for Coming Martial Law In America!


Feb. 24, 2015 - Glenn Beck: The Perfect Day (Feb. 28) – Are Terrorists Planning An American Beslan?

Feb. 15, 2015 - ISIS Sends Out This Message To All Christians: ‘You Will Soon See An Ocean Of Blood For All The Nation Of The Cross’




I Believe that conditions in the USA will soon become deplorable for Christians and that it is time for the serious believers in the Messiah of Israel and the world, Yahshua/Jesus to begin to ask Yah to show you where your Goshen is in the USA (others in the rest of the world should do the same) and be ready to go when He tells you to go.


The Big Brother Police State is here.  Take a ride with us and see what the government is up too.  Click and begin a trip into the government's psyche and the plans they have for you!







Pray for Peace then


 Pray for Them,  Listen to God and Obey 

and do HIS Will and Prepare yourself to SURVIVE and THRIVE!!!!

Deut. 4:29, 30, 31

Tactical Supply



If you don't have the basic four things for survival, then you aren't prepared no matter how much training you have.  Most people only think of 3 Basic Items, of the 4 I mention.  But if you don't have a source of cooking the freeze dried food that needs water, your canned or fresh food, then they won't taste too good!

Four Basic Survival Categories

When you have these along with your Bug Out Bag and Vehicle, you will be prepared to SURVIVE!

Great Additions

to Help YOU To Survive


You can do without a lot of things but water isn't one of them.   You need to be able to get water, make it safe to drink, store it properly and be able to replace it when it it gets low or you run out of it.


Next to water, food is a must as well.  Freeze Dried and Dehydrated food is great and a must for survival food.  But it too will run out and you will need some additional sources of food for survival!


Water and Food like you need something to be put in and you do too.  The elements can kill you just as or quicker than no water or food.  And don't forget fire and something to cook on and stay warm with


If you do not know how to survive outside the comforts of city life or in a survival situation, then getting some training to learn how to use all your gear and supplies might be something you might consider.

Emergency Survival Food


If you want a more complete list, you can find it at our Survival Prepping Tips page.

  Click Learn and See How To Make LOTS Of Your Own Survival Gear For FREE

See HOW TO ESCAPE THE ILLUMINATI NWO and the Israel Deception  Is a new Israel coming in the Middle East? Yes, there is. It will eventually in my opinion, become the capital of the world, as Zionist Israel ceases to be in its current form as the last four kingdoms arise when Persia is destroyed by the United States early on in World War III.

My People Perish Because of Lack of Vision

Get the Vision of Yahwah, the God of Israel, and stand in the evil day. Eph. 6:10, 11, 12      Please read, THE LAST MOVE OF YAH/GOD and get onboard with the Army of Yah, that is enlisting now!!! There is work to do and little time left. Put your Armor on now. Prepare for battle in the "spirit realm" as it is heating up in the heavenlies!!!!

The person called Jesus Christ born on Dec.25th never existed, but is a made up figure/person by Rome to bring a false peace amongst the peoples they conquered and to deceive.  Jesus Christ is not Yahshua the Nazarene born in Bethlehem during the "feast of tabernacles" and the true Messiah of Israel and the world, the Son of Yahwah.  Jesus Christ is an imposter and antichrist!! 


The Warning of The End Times




The Day of Preparation Escape out of the land of Babylon

End Times Preparation Must begin preparation now!

Please Let Us Know What You Think About This Page and How We Might Improve It.


Volunteer 10 Minutes!

I know times are tough, financially speaking and many of you do not have funds to contribute to this ministry as you are busy making your own preparations for the Tribulation ahead, but you can still support us and make a huge difference.

So what can you, as a reader of The Tribulation Institute, contribute to the battle? First, look at the big picture; then, start small, start local, start by becoming a Tribulation Institute Volunteer!

Consider the time you spend reading the news here and staying informed, and by reading the many pertinent articles posted here.

Now ask yourself whether you could

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By giving 10 minutes of your day as a Tribulation Institute Volunteer, you will be taking that important next step in the battle against deception and lies about the end times and making it more difficult for the powers-that-be to exploit Yah's chosen, the one hundredth of 1%, those who believe in doing Yah's will and sacrificing their own for the brethren!!!

Thank you and Hallelujah (praise be to Jah !)






Click here for How To Prepare & Survive the Coming Martial Law In America!










The Big Brother Police State is here.  Take a ride with us and see what the government is up too.  Click and begin a trip into the government's psyche and the plans they have for you!









EDisasterSystems - Emergency Kit Banner













Who would have ever thought Obama would love using Drones so much as he does.  30,000 drones via Federal Grants will be given to all law enforcement agencies.  BIG BROTHER IS HERE!!!













This is what the New World Order wants for two thirds of the planet earth.  They want to bring the earth back into sustainable levels, which according to them is two billion people, not seven billion people.  They plan to eliminate 5 billion people from the earth by their evil means.  War, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, euphunasia, famine and other means.  You can escape their assualt that is being racheted up as you read this.






Off the Grid Survival Supplies












We will not recognize the America and the freedoms we have loved because of what Obama and the progressives will have done to the Constitution.  Shreaded it!!!

Obama's America in 2016






























Private Jewish Bank Strangling America

The Jewish Illuminati controlled banking system and its influence on building the New World Order







Want to become an overcomer and overcome the evil New World Order plans for you and escape the horrible things coming to the earth by the power of Yah/God, then learn what is on the pages of this one of a kind website dedicated to arming the end time saint and the manchild.

The Manifestation of the

Sons of Yahwah/God







Police State in America


























Destruction of America
















Civil War Coming to America 2015?







































If you are interested, you can now visit us at our recently introduced Face Book Page, Twitter and our YouTube page.







































Is Martial Law Coming to America in 2015


































Endtimes Prophecy Tribulation Timeline Update









































Chemtrails over the skies of America are not just vapor trails.  DANGER!!!




Would You Please Pray

About Helping Us Get the Truth Out!\


Partnership Details




Surviving the Rise of Islam!!!!!




Green is the color of Islam!  And Islam is affecting the whole world with it lies and deception and mayhem.  Beware!!


The agents of destroying the earth, before Yah's judgment on them at the end of the world.





The Masonic Order rules in America and in Israel via the Illuminati.  America is in bible prophecy.  Stay abreast of the prophecy news concerning America.

Freemasonry in Israel
















Islam and the UN !


Islam and the Catholic Connection


Sharia Law in America?


Iran News




Jeff's book available to read FREE now!



The Rapture, The Tribulation and You

You need to know the truth about the timing of the rapture and the end of the world, so you will be prepared for what is about to come to the planet earth.

A fresh and timely point of view






The Soon Coming Worth of the Dollar

This is what the dollar is about to be worth because of hyperinflation.  Causes include monetary easing and the dollar losing its world's reserve currency status!



The best hat or cap with lights

Just as current news headlines witness, Islam extremists are about the business of beheading those who do not believe in Allah and Islam!  Cities are not safe anymore in the US.  Prepare to get off the grid now, unless Yahwah tells you different.

Rev.6:9, 10, 11 and Rev.20:4

This is what Islam extremists do to those who are not of that faith!








America in the News


This film produced by ABC in 1987 shows the takeover of the U S by Russia.  American freedoms are left behind by socialism which begins with a plague in a small town in America.  This film eerily predicts what may well happen in the US shortly.  The New World Order is tightening its grip on America leaving ordinary citizens left behind economically.  Visit the Tribulation News for up to date info on the progress of the NWO.

Do you know

what that means?

Click here for info



American Police State




Prepare For the Food Shortage Coming


Food will be used as a weapon in the coming days and years to rid the earth of unstainable persons, who the NWO believes is not contributing to the global family.  Don't be caught in the coming food shortage!






Read what is more likely to happen in the world than what the  left behind series espouses.  See the beginnings already happening today as you read this thrilling novel about the coming mark of  the beast and how the US government plans to bring it about.  The headlines on today's newcasts will begin to be put in their proper perspective.

"Project Tag"

A Novel?

Take a look now!!

Or Buy it.

You can now Download this book too?

A Novel Series

About the Coming Mark of the Beast?

Released April 2009


If there is one book about the rapture and the end times tribulation that you must read, it is this one.  A non fiction book that sheds much light into the fallacy of what is protrayed in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.

"No Rapture Truth Left Behind": The Tribulation Saints by J. Amory Forrester

Read Online or Buy Now

Looking to Download this book?









End times sequence of events during the tribulation period and rapture as depicted in the Book of Revelation..

Chart of The Tribulation



World Economic Collapse



Martial law is coming to America, quite possibly during the upcoming or already happening World War III.  You must prepare now!



Prepare For the Great Tribulation That IS Coming!


America will not escape the Great Tribulation as its leaders have forsaken the God/Yah of the Bible.  The Yah of Israel.  The United States of America is the great harlot of Babylon in the Book of Revelation and the Mark of the Beast will come from Ameica and the False Prophet (American President at the time of the great tribulation) will make the world worship the Beast and take the Mark of the Beast (Antichrist)!!!


America Will Not Escape World War III!

Thanks for visiting!!!






All about the New World Order during the end times.  Facts, documents, plans etc.

New World Order Data & Info Page






The New AmeriKa

The New World Order is the inventor of terrorism, not the Middle East.  Terrorism in America will begin a new phase soon.  See for yourself who is behind the terrorism in America and what is coming during the end times now quickly approaching!

All Sorts of Data

"From My Desk"

Webmaster, author, ex-pastor and servant of Yah who through the Tribulational Institute endeavors to bring the Truth of what Yahwah has shown him in the Word of Yah.



The Transformer Magazine.  Shows the infiltration of the New Age into the church.  My beginnings in the ministry in 1986

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 Survival Food

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