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Russian Invasion of America in 2016? 2015 Predictions ISIS the Levant and World War III Economic Collapse of America in 2015


Should You Prepare for Martial Law Coming Soon?



Thanks for stopping by our Off the Grid Supply Center where we have everything you need for living off the grid and products for any emergency situation that may come your way.  I believe that the United States is in serious trouble on a lot of fronts and that Civil War and another American Revolution is unavoidable.  I say this to not frighten you nor to sell you products that we make almost nothing for selling, but to warn you of the impending plight of Americans that our treasonous government of all parties have intentionally put us on course to experience, which is beyond most Americans to comprehend.  Destruction is coming and not in the too distant future.  Everything that is going on around the world and in the US is pointing in that direction as well as Biblical prophecies concerning the destruction of America.  It is not a full destruction at this time, but a surrendering of its national sovereignty to the UN despot rulers behind the scenes.


I have been studying such things for over 25 yrs and believe that before President Obama fulfills the remainder of his 2nd term, he will have completed what he was elected to do by the NWO Illuminati, which was to fundamentally change America!   One has to only look what has transpired in the past 6 years, and what is happening across the land currently with the violent protests in St. Louis and elsewhere.  I believe without a doubt that the White House is fomenting racial discord ever since his taking office and he is not a friend of America.  Please study with an open mind all the resources available to see if this is so.  Your life will depend on your conclusions!


I have either been living Off the Grid or in my converted truck for four years now, preparing and honing my skills and the necessary spiritual preparation for surviving what is coming soon to the shores of America.  Actually it is much better than living in any city in the world!!


 Helping You to get all the supplies and our Unique Survival Gear and Equipment you'll need for Off the Grid Living and for any Unforeseen Emergency that could come your way. 


At the Off the Grid and Survival Skills Center you can learn how to make some survival products yourself

and most of the time with free natural resources as well as, you can get Jeff's Free Newsletter from his Off the Grid Survival Cabin!


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If you are looking to lean more about surviving the coming economic collapse, the martial law that is coming

in the already Police State of America and then soon coming new American Revolution then you

have come to the right place as well.

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Off the Grid and Survival Skills Center

Hello and Welcome to Off the Grid Living,

Thanks for dropping by our website.  You didn't get here by chance.  You probably got here because you were interested in finding great deals on Off the Grid supplies, and possibly wanting to learn more about living off the grid for whatever reason, as there are many different reasons you and others like yourself are thinking about living off the grid.  Regardless of the reason, I hope we can be of some help in answering some of your questions about off the grid living and survival preparedness.

Living off the grid, either temporarily or long term has its challenges and it also has great rewards as well.

Being unprepared to live off the grid is not something that you should take lightly.  I have always been an outdoorsman, camper, hiker etc. all my life, so living off the grid for me is an easy thing to do.  However, for many, even the thought of living off the grid or camping for an extended period of time scares the heck out of them, and they quickly dismiss the idea and return to their daily cares of the world.   Don't you make that same mistake!!!  Additionally there is something special about living in the mountains, wherever they may be!



Let's Get Prepared 

And Help Others Prepare!!! 

Jeff Forrester    



  Top Ten Survival Items You Must Have

How To Escape Great Tribulation

Off the grid living can not only provide you with the feeling that you have prepared yourself for what may be down the road for not only America but the world as a whole.  Life for the average person and the poor, and everywhere in between is getting extremely more difficult when it comes to finances, and the ability to keep your head above water.  Living off the grid will not only help to decrease that situation, but could prove to be the most rewarding change you have ever made.  But you had better be prepared!

If transformation is what you seek, the extraordinary circumstances of living off the grid, allows one to see the beauty of life and nature, as well as the hardships living in it, but without all the stress involved.  I believe it is a privilege to live off the grid, and especially in one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion, but I love the mountains wherever they are!  They are special!  To me they are places of safety!

Solar equipped survival truck

 If you are interested, you can now visit me at my recently introduced Face Book Page, Twitter and our YouTube page.




What Equipment and Gear Will You Need?


Just some of the items you should have on hand would be and additional backpack to put all your gear in and a lightweight emergency stove that doesn't require propane, water filter, axe/hatchet, binoculars, shovel, knifes, compasses & GPS, two way radios, muli-tools, sleeping bagemergency survival tent or truck tent, batteries, emergency radio, candles, fire starters, lanterns, solar lights, camping stove and grill and our unique survival Solo Stove, mess kit, raingear, good not cheap cold weather and warm weather clothes and gear including snow shoes, boots and shoes, sun glasses and sun block, as well as personal hygiene products and don't forget a power source including solar panels and alternate sources of power.   And don't forget some hunting gear like slingshots,  knifes, or a crossbow and plenty of arrows, etc.



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Alternative Power Sources
Bug Out Backpacks
Lanterns and Lights
Survival Food
Tailgate Items
Truck Accessories
Unique Items
Water Filtration, etc.




These Are Must Have Items    

Off the grid living is becoming more and more popular as citizens awake to the over reaching arm of the US government, regardless of whose in the White House. Our freedoms in America continue to erode as big brother government intrudes further into our lives where they have no business. Here at "YOUR OFF THE GRID HOME" we will endeavor to bring you the latest on news stories and articles that are pertinent to your well being, both on and off the grid. We also will strive to make available to you information on properties for sale that would make superb off the grid locations for your temporary place of safety, your off the grid vacation home or primary place of residence either now or in the future.

You don't have to agree with the world view presented here at "SURVIVAL OUTFITTERS" to continue to get stocked up on food and other necessary items you need for any unforeseen emergency, as it is wise and prudent to get prepared for the ever increasing high cost of living due to the economic policies of the US government that is causing inflation of which we have never before seen the likes of and of which will continue to climb to the stars. Groceries and home and business energy costs are at the top of the inflation list that hits the hardest those that are on a lower fixed income, of whom many of the elderly fall in this category and especially the poor among us who are hit even harder! And you know very well that they lie about how high inflation really is, because they don't include food or fuel in that assessment. Convenient huh?

I truly believe that the shadow government of the US of which President Obama is just another pawn, but a big one in this truly sick administration, is going to bring the upper middle class, the middle class and below down to the living standards of third world countries. He has made no bones about his agenda even while he was running for office for his first term that he would re-distribute the wealth. And make no mistake about it, his rich cronies will get richer as we saw in the bailout programs in 2008.

Anyone who has studied the aims and tools the Illuminati and its new World Order, knows their agenda to bring about world socialism/communism/liberalism and equality of all nations and peoples (other than them and their elitists friends and cronies) of the world, and they also know that those in the third world countries will never rise up to the living status of the poor who live in the first world nations. They know that the first world nations (America) must be brought down to the level of the third world nations. That's not rocket science by the way. And Obama believes that even the poorest in America are richer than the upper middle class and rich in most countries of the world.

So get ready for more re-distribution of your wealth by taxation from the government so they can even more so than before distribute it to themselves and if any is left over they will give it to their cronies they install in leadership of the third world countries, and not those who are starving, because in their world view they are not sustainable, and do not contribute to the heartbeat of the world, and therefore should they should be eliminated, as well as those who do not go along with their program of world socialism.

And they intend to take away your guns and your ability to defend yourself away from you, so you cannot conceivably stop them from their agenda, which is world socialism. I don't believe they can be stopped, for it is prophesied in the Bible.

But what I do believe is, that you can and must get out of their way, and get out of the cities, and get some off the grid property and become as inconspicuous as possible and draw close to Yahwah in the wilderness and allow Him to protect you before the even more diabolical agenda that the socialist governments of the world have envisioned for you and me come to pass.

Most people will not pay heed to the many warnings given by countless of people like myself, to prepare for the coming tribulation and martial law in America.  They will not get a place off the grid for themselves and others to survive, even if they do have the funds to do so.   Most people, even Christians, will not even do the little things like stocking up on food, having a bug out bag with the necessary provisions contained within it so they can survive long enough to get somewhere outside the cities to continue to survive either in their automobiles, trucks/SUV's, or survival tents.  

To help you with getting the things you will need to prepare for surviving off the grid and outside the cities, we have put together a survival checklist not only of those items you will  need, but places to obtain them as well, should you choose to do so.


Never be in the dark again while camping, hunting, cooking, reading or working on your survival equipment.  One of the best products we make available at Survival Outfitters.  Get one for yourself and some for your friends.  They will never forget it or you.


Additionally, I in no way endorse or subscribe to the view of armed resistance against the government, even though the 2nd Amendment was written just for that purpose if the government became tyrannical as the US government certainly has in my view. Why do I say they have you ask? The list is so long I tire even thinking of it.

If I weren't a believer in Bible prophecy, and that it teaches in my opinion that America is the Daughter of Babylon and because of her national sins she will be judged by Yah for them by being destroyed, but He will deliver those who want to come out of Babylon (Babylon represents the opposite of God's Kingdom), I would revolt against the new King in America.

But I am a believer in Bible prophecy and therefore will let Yah do his work, and the judging of the evil, and the evil ones who despise Him.

He doesn't need guns nor weapons to accomplish His Will in the earth.  He just needs his people (the true church) to die to their own fleshly desires, and allow him to work through them by his Spirit!!

I will continue to prepare for the inevitable, and try to help others do the same, so we won't be the problem (not prepared with the necessary items to survive), but part of the solution (have provisions for not only ourselves, but others as well)

For more go to Off the Grid News!

And oh, one last note:  The person NAMED or called Jesus Christ born on Dec.25th never existed, but is a made up figure/person by Rome to bring a false peace amongst the peoples they conquered and to deceive.  Jesus Christ is not Yahshua the Nazarene born in Bethlehem during the "feast of tabernacles" and the true Messiah of Israel and the world, the Son of Yahwah.  Jesus Christ is an imposter and antichrist!! 


Click Preparation Short List for just some of the things you might want to do to prepare.


Save money today on your OFF THE GRID supplies here ! Great selection and low prices on food and other necessities for living in the coming chaos!


Whatever it is you need to live off the grid, Solutions for Science has it. Quick and reliable service.  Check us out!  You'll be glad you did.  Thanks in advance.

Want to get everything you need to live off the grid from one place or just a few items to finish your list to live off the grid.




If you either live off the grid or plan to live off the grid, then this is the news you should be aware of.  Articles that affect your off the grid living, tips on living off the grid and current government legislation and laws that affect those living off the grid.

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War and Famine?


If you look at the 3rd Seal (Rev.6:5, 6) of the Book of Revelation you will notice that a loaf of bread will cost about a day's wages. And if you notice in the 4th Seal (Rev. 6:8) of the Book of Revelation, one fourth of mankind is killed by war and famine! Click on the chart below to see the 3rd and 4th Seal go to the Internet Version of the Chart. There are food shortages coming to America, either via high costs and or disruption of supplies that could happen any number of ways.



You can find out from the source, the Bible on what to expect when the Tribulation begins with the Beginning of Sorrows!





With the re-election of President Obama, I'm afraid the country I knew as a kid is no longer. What is even more frightening is that over half of the country voted him back in office, which doesn't bode well for citizenry in the US. They are blind to what is really going on, and just like the FREE STUFF they can get from the Santa Claus President.


We are now traveling on the road of, not to, SOCIALISM, that is clear and evident to anyone who really has their eyes open! Radical Islam is on the rise thanks to our Islamic President, and Christians are in the cross-hairs of the godless government of the USA!!!


Just because World War III hasn't happened yet, or the economy hasn't collapsed yet, doesn't mean that they will not happen, and that they will not happen soon!! President Obama is most definitely redistributing the wealth of wealthy and the middle class Americans.


You must read THE LAST MOVE OF GOD/YAH before He returns to set up His Kingdom in the Earth. And it isn't the pre-tribulation rapture taught by most of the sin laden apostate church teachers in bed with the world (Satan's kingdoms) teaching his doctrine of devils!


You don't have to agree with the world view presented here to get prepared for the extremely higher cost of living due to the economic policies of the US government that is causing inflation of which we have never before seen the likes of and it will continue to climb. Groceries and energy costs being at the top of the list which hits the poor among us the hardest.

Freeze Dried Food

Tribulation News

End time prophecy news with America in the spotlight and New World Order events leading up to the tribulation

Amerika In the News In Prophecy

Off the Grid Property For Sale

Off the Grid Property For Sale, Rent

Have a bug out bag prepared with the necessary items.

Emergency Survival shelters

Survival Outfitters






Survival Outfitters Emergency Checklist 

Now is no time to slack up on your preparation. Stock up on all the items you have been waiting to purchase. They will only cost you more, as inflation will continue unabated and at higher levels than ever before. Be diligent! Don't let the everyday cares of the world distract you from preparing a place to go.

Please remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are waiting for others to prepare, you will most likely be waiting forever for them. Pray for them, and prepare for yourself and them if you are able. Ask your Father in heaven to help and guide you, and to keep you strong.


Looking for a place of safety to settle down in?


Click Preparation Short List for just some of the things you might want to do to prepare for the coming martial to America.




End times sequence of events during the tribulation period and rapture as depicted in the Book of Revelation..

Chart of The Tribulation


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


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