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For those wanting to survive the coming economic collapse, martial law that is coming

in the already Police State of America and the soon coming new American Revolution!!

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Living off the grid in your emergency tent shelter in the mountains can be a great experience.   Make your truck a home away from home while living off the grid  

Hello and Welcome to Off the Grid Survival

Thanks for dropping by our website.  You didn't get here by chance.  You got here because you were interested in Survival Supplies and learning more about living off the grid, for whatever reason, as there are many different reasons, others like yourself choose to live off the grid.  Regardless of the reason, I hope we can be of some help in answering some of your questions about off the grid living and survival preparedness.

Living off the grid, either temporarily or long term has its challenges and it also has great rewards as well.

Being unprepared to live off the grid is not something that you should take lightly.  I have always been an outdoorsman, camper, hiker etc. all my life, so living off the grid for me is an easy thing to do.  However, for many, even the thought of living off the grid or camping for an extended period of time scares the heck out of them, and they quickly dismiss the idea and return to their daily cares of the world.   Don't you make that same mistake!!!  Additionally there is something special about living in the mountains, wherever they may be!


Off the Grid Living

Off the grid living can not only provide you with the feeling that you have prepared yourself for what may be down the road for not only America but the world as a whole.  Life for the average person and the poor, and everywhere in between is getting extremely more difficult when it comes to finances, and the ability to keep your head above water.  Living off the grid will not only help to decrease that situation, but could prove to be the most rewarding change you have ever made.  But you had better be prepared!

If transformation is what you seek, the extraordinary circumstances of living off the grid, allows one to see the beauty of life and nature, as well as the hardships living in it, but without all the stress involved.  I believe it is a privilege to live off the grid, and especially in one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion, but I love the mountains wherever they are!  They are special!  To me they are places of safety!



  Top Ten Survival Items You Must Have

Fully Cooked Meat For Great Tasting Survival Food

survival canned meat


  Survival Outfitters Emergency Checklist 

Fishing Supplies Hunting Supplies/Trapping Boating Supplies Kayaking & Rafting


Other items you should have on hand would be and additional backpack to put all your gear in and a lightweight emergency stove that doesn't require propane, water filter, axe/hatchet, binoculars, shovel, knifes, compasses & GPS, muli-tools, sleeping bagemergency survival tent or truck tent,  candles, fire starterssolar lights, camping stove and grill, mess kit, raingear, good not cheap cold weather and warm weather clothes and gear including snow shoes, boots and shoes, sun glasses and sun block, as well as personal hygiene products and don't forget a power source including solar panels and alternate sources of power and never be without power again wherever you are!  And don't forget some hunting gear like a crossbow and plenty of arrows, etc.




Click Preparation Short List for just some of the things you might want to do to prepare.

What Is Your Best Choice For A Bug-Out Vehicle?


Need a Off the Grid Place for Your Supplies?

Are you even remotely thinking about getting your safe Off the Grid Property, but just can't quite make the switch yet?  What you need is some FREE ONLINE SURVIVAL TRAINING just in case America goes off the grid before you do, or your current situations change so quickly that you can't!  Don't think that that won't happen to millions of Americans who waited to the last minute to prepare themselves or their family against the "winds of change" that is quickly transforming America.  Don't let you or your family be caught in the dark, without the necessary tools to survive this coming disaster


Camp Gear


find a solar contractor

Freeze Dried Survival Food


Solar Power for Living Water for Life

Survival food

More than likely you will have to buy some good soil to grow your food.  Most mountain soil is not good for growing crops!  Know what foods can be grown in your area!

Your Best Bet is Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a must for Off the Grid Living, or just a good source of power for RV's, trailers, camping trailer or for your main residence.




Outdoor Solar Lighting for Indoor Use?  YOU BET!



Water is a must for life

If you don't have a well, or other source of water, like the one above, or a stream, etc. then you will need to store water some way!



SteriPEN Traveler

Emergency Survival Food


Have a bug out bag prepared with the necessary items.

Survival, camping and hunting products for all occasions

Survival Outfitters

Food shortages are coming to America and you should prepare for them.

Now is no time to slack up on your preparation.  Stock up on all the items you have been waiting to purchase.  They will only cost you more, as inflation will continue unabated and at higher levels than ever before.  Be diligent!  Don't let the everyday cares of the world distract you from preparing a place to go.

Please remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If you are waiting for others to prepare, you will most likely be waiting forever for them.  Pray for them, and prepare for yourself and them if you are able.  Ask your Father in heaven to help and guide you, and to keep you strong.  

Have a bug out bag prepared with the necessary items.

Survival, camping and hunting products for all occasions

Survival Outfitters




Looking for a place of safety to settle down in?  

Never be in the dark again while camping, hunting, cooking, reading or working on your survival equipment.  One of the best products we make available at Survival Outfitters.  Get one for yourself and some for your friends.  They will never forget it or you.