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Welcome to the post tribulation webpage where we study the rapture and related topics.





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Welcome to the Preparation for the Tribulation Series

No Rapture Truth Left Behind book.  A study of the rapture and the tribulation from a post tribulation viewpoint.  We need to get this one right folks.  Get it wrong and the consequences could be far greater than you know.  You can escape the tribulation but not by a pre tribulation rapture as most teach to their peril.  Read this new book from J. Amory Forrester that is detailed in its exegesis.

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In the Great Tribulation period !

Could YOU possibly be ONE?

Who are the "two witnesses"?

Who is the "women in the wilderness?

Who is the "manchild"?

Who are the 144,000?


No left behind lies here!!!!

The Tribulation Saints

Tribulation Truth

The Three Beasts of Revelation


Preparation for the Tribulation

A Non-Fiction book series

About the Great Tribulation

If there is one book about the rapture and the end times tribulation that you must read, it is this one.  A non fiction book that sheds much light into the fallacy of what is protrayed in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.

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  3 Books  


The first book where Amory addresses the post tribulation viewpoint of the rapture in clear and understandable language.  Read it, download it, or buy it today for your studies on the end times and the rapture.

Tribulation Saints

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Book One

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What is happening to the World?

The Grim Reaper is looking!


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Tribulation Truth

Book Two



The "E" Chronicles

A Novel Series

About the great tribulation ?

The first novel in the E chronicle series.  This is not the left behind type of novel.  Check it out and see.  Great for your lost loved ones.  Written from a worldly point of view and some language not appropriate for young people.

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Post Tribulation

The "Tribulation Saints" is the first of three non-fiction books written by J. Amory Forrester that takes a true biblical view of the great tribulation before Armageddon at the end which comes at the last day of the tribulation, not the traditional view taught in most churches today.

This is an in depth study on the great tribulation and the topics already mentioned above with scriptural evidence to back them up, not taken out of context as most preachers do to build their own eschatology.

Understanding the truth concerning the rapture and the great tribulation in the end times is critical to be able to do God's work during this time preceding the Lord's return at Armageddon to the earth for his eternal reign in Jerusalem.

The two witnesses (Rev.11:3,4,5,6,7,8,9), the 144,000 (Rev.14:1,2,3,4,5,6) the man child (Rev.12:4,5,6 & Eph. 4:11,12,13,14)and the woman in the wilderness (Rev.12:6,13,14,15,16,17) have important roles in the  great tribulation scenario before the climax of Armageddon at the last day.

Don't let the great tribulation of the end times and Armageddon take you by surprise, as this would be your biggest mistake in your life, now and forever!


About the Author J. Amory Forrester

Read some excerpts of "The Tribulation Saints"

Read "Tribulation Saints" summary

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The Three Beasts of Revelation

Book Three



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Armageddon in the News

Want to become an overcomer and overcome the evil New World Order plans for you and escape the horrible things coming to the earth by the power of Yah/God, then learn what is on the pages of this one of a kind website dedicated to arming the end time saint and the manchild.


The Manefistation of the 

Sons of Yahwah/God


This is what the New World Order wants for two thirds of the planet earth.  They want to bring the earth back into sustainable levels, which according to them is two billion people, not seven billion people.  They plane to eliminate 5 billion people from the earth by their evil means.  War, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, euphunasia, famine and other means.  You can escape their assualt that is being racheted up as you read this.

Whose Really Left Behind

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This great new release by J. Amory Forrester is a novel but clearly fosters what the current economic collapse in America will bring next.  A must read!  Buy it and give it to others to read.

"Project Tag" a Novel?

Available now!!  2009

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If there is one book about the rapture and the end times tribulation that you must read, it is this one.  A non fiction book that sheds much light into the fallacy of what is protrayed in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.

"No Rapture Truth Left Behind": The Tribulation Saints

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