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There are many Pre-Tribulation Rapture teachers that teach that Yahshua raptures his saints 7 years before he comes again at Armageddon with them.

II Thessalonians 2:1-8 refutes this:

And it makes it clear that both His coming and his gathering the saints are in the same day (II Thess. 2:1, 2) and further states that that day will not come until three things happen! [vrs.3,6,8 respectively (II Thess. 2:3, 6, 8)

A falling away (II Thess. 2:3) first,

Then the son of perdition (little horn antichrist, son of Satan) will be revealed, ( II Thess.2:3)

Then Satan, the wicked one will be revealed. ( II Thess.2:8

Then the day of Christ is at hand!

Paul tells them in no uncertain terms that the day is not at hand, not impending, because three things must happen before, and none have when he wrote II Thess!!

Please, if you believe in a Pre-Tribulation rapture, you are listening to false teachers, and not to Paul the Apostle who makes it clear here.

Yahshua does as well in (Matthew 24:29, 30, 31) when he lists all the things that will happen in the "beginning of sorrows" (Matthew 24:8) and what follows (Matthew 24:9-14) then the abomination of desolation (Matt.24:15), and then "great tribulation" (Matt.24:21) and then some things that are contained in it (Matt.24:22-28) and then immediately after the tribulation of those days (Matt.24:29) he will come in the clouds (Matt.24:30) and with a great sound of a trumpet, his angels will gather together his elect from the four winds (Matt.24:31).


Wake up!!! It doesn't get any clearer than that!!!

You can be deceived, and fall away from the faith, when you aren't raptured as you have probably been taught, before the little horn antichrist is revealed, the son of perdition 666, and then probably take the mark of the beast on your forehead or on your right hand,

Star of David is the Mark of the Beast and then take the chip to partake in his economic New World Order

system, and be doomed forever in the lake of fire!!!

(Lake of Fire)

You make the choice. You can choose the truth, i.e. life, or choose death!

When Satan gets kicked out of the second heaven (outer space and the realm of the stars and star gods ppt) because of the birth of the manchild company of believers in Yahshua who have allowed Christ to be formed in them, then the biggest lie and strong delusion (II Thess.2:11) since the garden of Eden is coming upon those whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life.

Remember the Serpent, Satan told Eve if she partook of the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that her eyes would be opened and she would be as gods? (Gen.3:5)

There were two trees in the middle of the Garden. The tree of life (Yahshua) and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Satan)!

All the fruit of the tree of life which is of the Spirit of Yah is good. (Gal.5:22, 23)

But the works of the flesh are bad fruit. They are on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! (Gal. 5:19, 20, 21)

 Adam and Eve his wife ate of the fruit of adultery and fornication!!

(Gen.2:9, 16, 17)

The delusion is that satan and his fallen angels are alien gods from other worlds and that we can become gods if we partake of the fruit (evil fruit of fornication with him or fallen angels)!

It is the same old lie that Satan told Eve in the garden of Eden, and she believed him and partook of his fruit.

Take the mark and you will believe the lie and the strong delusion (II Thess.2:10, 11) that Yah/God Himself will send upon you!!!

Same thing is about to happen, as well as it did in the Days of Noah. So shall it be in the Coming of the Son of Man/Yah!!

See also star of David.

False Rapture ppt

Won't you help get the message out about the false pre tribulation rapture and help save those who are caught up in the Left Behind message of being raptured before the tribulation that is quickly approaching? You can help! We need and want your help and insight as how to reach these believers who are being deceived about the rapture. Thanks in advance!

YOU can stay in the bickering "apostate and counterfeit church", and receive the plagues she will partake of, or you can be apart of "the dwelling places of Zion". 

It is your choice, and you do not have long to make up your mind!!!  

The person NAMED or called Jesus Christ born on Dec.25th never existed, but is a made up figure/person by Rome to bring a false peace amongst the peoples they conquered and to deceive.  Jesus Christ is not Yahshua the Nazarene born in Bethlehem during the "feast of tabernacles" and the true Messiah of Israel and the world, the Son of Yahwah.  Jesus Christ is an imposter and antichrist!! 

The organized Christian Church of the past and the present (Catholic and Protestant) is a counterfeit and false church with ravening wolves and prophets of Baal on the pulpits. 

And they are leading the true sheep in them astray!!!

They came into the true early church in the days of the original twelve Apostles and went out from them, but they were not of them (I John 2:18, 19). The Apostle, Prophet, Teacher and Pastor Paul warned the early church about this then, and also said it would get worse all the way up to and including the great tribulation period before our Lord Yahshua returns to set up his Kingdom in the earth forever!! (I John 4:1, 2, 3)

The fact is there are ravening wolves in sheep's clothing within the true church and in the false churches of Christianity. We just need to know how to know who they are!!

Let me say this before going any further.

If your church does not teach a post tribulation rapture/resurrection of the dead, then leave it now for one that does teach it, if you can find one!!!

Post Tribulation Church List

I realize that Yah/God can reach anyone, anywhere, even in the false and corrupt establishment of so called Christian churches of today. He may have even kept you in one for a season to do whatever it was He wanted you to do in them. But the time has arrived that He is calling you out of the whore churches of Babylon to seek Him in truth and spirit, and to prepare you for his final move in the earth before He returns!!!

The time is coming where the American government will enforce the hate laws already enacted against preaching the saving grace of Yahshua/Jesus as the only way to our Father in heaven.



If your church teaches tithing, then leave it now for it keeps them continually building their churches of Baal.

Tithing supports and builds the false apostate church!!! 

Yes, you should give alms and offerings as the Holy Spirit of Yah leads, but only to those who teach the truth of the Bible and are not building there own false churches, not those that don't teach the truth and who building their own temples of Baal which are not the one Yahshua is building without hands. 

Tithing is not a New Testament ordinance nor required anywhere in the NT!! Yes, Yahshua said they did a good thing by obeying the law (Matthew 23:23), but He did away with that law or covenant the Levitical Priesthood (Not the Ten Commandments), when He died on the cross. Yahshua had not died yet when He made that statement and not enacted the New Covenant, where we believers are the priesthood. Would you tithe to yourself? Wouldn't serve any purpose now would it?


 the Great Deception

From Dagon to The Dragon The "Spirit" behind Christianity


End times sequence of events during the tribulation period and rapture as depicted in the Book of Revelation..  

The True Church is the Woman in the Wilderness in the Book of Rev. Chapter Twelve

There is much debate as to who the woman in the wilderness is in the book of Revelation as well as to who are the Two Witnesses and the Manchild.  You must get this right to not be deceived in the end times deception.

See below articles for  more on this subject.

Babylon- Deceived and the Great Whore

The Two Witnesses - Who are the two witnesses of Chapter Eleven in the Book of Revelation and what is there ministry in the End Times of the Great Tribulation.  Hint:  They are not Elijah or Enoch or Moses!

The 144,000 - The 144000 of the True Church of Israel have an end times ministry.  Much like the two witnesses.  Are they the same group also known as the Manchild?

Days of Noah - "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."  Matthew 24:37, 38   ""That the sons of God (angels created by God) saw that the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took wives of all which they chose."  Genesis 6:1, 2, 3 

The Image of the Beast - " . . . saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live."  Revelation 13:14, 15

Garden of Eden - " For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."  Genesis 3:5

Duck Dynasty Controversy - What is it really about!

My People Perish Because of Lack of Vision

Get the Vision of Yahwah, the God of Israel, and stand in the evil day. Eph. 6:10, 11, 12      Please read, THE LAST MOVE OF YAH/GOD and get onboard with the Army of Yah, that is enlisting now!!! There is work to do and little time left. Put your Armor on now. Prepare for battle in the "spirit realm" as it is heating up in the heavenlies!!!!

The person called Jesus Christ born on Dec.25th never existed, but is a made up figure/person by Rome to bring a false peace amongst the peoples they conquered and to deceive.  Jesus Christ is not Yahshua the Nazarene born in Bethlehem during the "feast of tabernacles" and the true Messiah of Israel and the world, the Son of Yahwah.  Jesus Christ is an imposter and antichrist and is not the WORD that became flesh and dwelt among us!! 

The delusion that most Americans are in is growing deeper with the help of the Mainstream Media and our corrupt politicians inside all political parties!!!

A New NDAA Law Was Passed by Congress Dec. 2013

In the United States, a pivot point that signals martial law is the suspension of habeas corpus the right to a hearing on whether an imprisonment is lawful. In practice, habeas corpus means a person cannot be imprisoned without legitimate charges and due process.



The Illuminati Destruction of America

The Destruction of America

There are Fema Concentration Camps and Internment Camps in America for NWO Dissenters and US Patriots and especially all true Christians who the New World Order will call terrorists and members of the worst cult in mankind's history!!!

See How To Prepare for Coming Martial Law In America!

Want to become an overcomer and overcome the evil New World Order plans for you and escape the horrible things coming to the earth by the power of Yah/God, then learn what is on the pages of this one of a kind website dedicated to arming the end time saint and the manchild.


The Day of Preparation Escape out of the land of Babylon

End Times Preparation Must begin preparation now!

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I know times are tough, financially speaking and many of you do not have funds to contribute to this ministry as you are busy making your own preparations for the Tribulation ahead, but you can still support us and make a huge difference.

So what can you, as a reader of The Tribulation Institute, contribute to the battle? First, look at the big picture; then, start small, start local, start by becoming a Tribulation Institute Volunteer!

Consider the time you spend reading the news here and staying informed, and by reading the many pertinent articles posted here.

Now ask yourself whether you could

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(1) Choose an article, video or news article on our site on any given day that really speaks to you, and send it to the people in your contact list. Include your own commentary if you feel strongly about the issues.

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Thank you and Hallelujah (praise be to Jah !)



World War III will begin in the Middle East, and it will become nuclear!!!  Yahshua will return at the end of the tribulation, as those days were shortened so flesh would be saved.






Click here for How To Prepare & Survive the Coming Martial Law In America!








The Big Brother Police State is here.  Take a ride with us and see what the government is up too.  Click and begin a trip into the government's psyche and the plans they have for you!






Who would have ever thought Obama would love using Drones so much as he does.  30,000 drones via Federal Grants will be given to all law enforcement agencies.  BIG BROTHER IS HERE!!!




This is what the New World Order wants for two thirds of the planet earth.  They want to bring the earth back into sustainable levels, which according to them is two billion people, not seven billion people.  They plan to eliminate 5 billion people from the earth by their evil means.  War, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, euphunasia, famine and other means.  You can escape their assualt that is being racheted up as you read this.



Off the Grid Survival Supplies










We will not recognize the America and the freedoms we have loved because of what Obama and the progressives will have done to the Constitution.  Shreaded it!!!

Obama's America in 2016






















Private Jewish Bank Strangling America

The Jewish Illuminati controlled banking system and its influence on building the New World Order











Police State in America














Destruction of America
















Civil War Coming to America 2015?


























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Is Martial Law Coming to America in 2015










Endtimes Prophecy Tribulation Timeline Update
























Chemtrails over the skies of America are not just vapor trails.  DANGER!!!




Would You Please Pray

About Helping Us Get the Truth Out!\


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Surviving the Rise of Islam!!!!!




Green is the color of Islam!  And Islam is affecting the whole world with it lies and deception and mayhem.  Beware!!


The agents of destroying the earth, before Yah's judgment on them at the end of the world.





The Masonic Order rules in America and in Israel via the Illuminati.  America is in bible prophecy.  Stay abreast of the prophecy news concerning America.

Freemasonry in Israel






Islam and the UN !


Islam and the Catholic Connection


Sharia Law in America?




Iran News




Jeff's book available to read FREE now!



The Rapture, The Tribulation and You

You need to know the truth about the timing of the rapture and the end of the world, so you will be prepared for what is about to come to the planet earth.

A fresh and timely point of view






The Soon Coming Worth of the Dollar

Collapse of PetroDollas



The best hat or cap with lights

Just as current news headlines witness, Islam extremists are about the business of beheading those who do not believe in Allah and Islam!  Cities are not safe anymore in the US.  Prepare to get off the grid now, unless Yahwah tells you different.

Rev.6:9, 10, 11 and Rev.20:4

This is what Islam extremists do to those who are not of that faith!






America in the News


This film produced by ABC in 1987 shows the takeover of the U S by Russia.  American freedoms are left behind by socialism which begins with a plague in a small town in America.  This film eerily predicts what may well happen in the US shortly.  The New World Order is tightening its grip on America leaving ordinary citizens left behind economically.  Visit the Tribulation News for up to date info on the progress of the NWO.

Do you know

what that means?

Click here for info



American Police State




Prepare For the Food Shortage Coming


Food will be used as a weapon in the coming days and years to rid the earth of unstainable persons, who the NWO believes is not contributing to the global family.  Don't be caught in the coming food shortage!






Read what is more likely to happen in the world than what the  left behind series espouses.  See the beginnings already happening today as you read this thrilling novel about the coming mark of  the beast and how the US government plans to bring it about.  The headlines on today's newcasts will begin to be put in their proper perspective.

"Project Tag"

A Novel?

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Or Buy it.

You can now Download this book too?

A Novel Series

About the Coming Mark of the Beast?

Released April 2009


If there is one book about the rapture and the end times tribulation that you must read, it is this one.  A non fiction book that sheds much light into the fallacy of what is protrayed in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.

"No Rapture Truth Left Behind": The Tribulation Saints by J. Amory Forrester

Read Online or Buy Now

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Designed to support two full-sized adult individuals for as long as 3 days, this kit still maintains portability and readiness. With double the nutritional provision of the 1 Person 3 Day Kit, blankets and lightsticks for two, and even more comprehensive first aid, the 2 Person kit is the premier kit for small household survival. Comes with a regular OR rolling backpack.





End times sequence of events during the tribulation period and rapture as depicted in the Book of Revelation..

Chart of The Tribulation



World Economic Collapse





Martial law is coming to America, quite possibly during the upcoming or already happening World War III.  You must prepare now!



Prepare For the Great Tribulation That IS Coming!


America will not escape the Great Tribulation as its leaders have forsaken the God/Yah of the Bible.  The Yah of Israel.  The United States of America is the great harlot of Babylon in the Book of Revelation and the Mark of the Beast will come from Ameica and the False Prophet (American President at the time of the great tribulation) will make the world worship the Beast and take the Mark of the Beast (Antichrist)!!!


America Will Not Escape World War III!

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All about the New World Order during the end times.  Facts, documents, plans etc.

New World Order Data & Info Page






The New AmeriKa

The New World Order is the inventor of terrorism, not the Middle East.  Terrorism in America will begin a new phase soon.  See for yourself who is behind the terrorism in America and what is coming during the end times now quickly approaching!

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The Transformer Magazine.  Shows the infiltration of the New Age into the church.  My beginnings in the ministry in 1986

Water is the most important item for survival.  Drink any water and be safe.  A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR SURVIVAL SUPPLIES

Freeze Dried Food from Legacy Foods

Have a bug out bag prepared with the necessary items.

Survival products for when America fulfills its destiny in bible prophecy

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