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There are many Pre-Tribulation Rapture teachers that teach that Yahshua raptures his saints 7 years before he comes again at Armageddon with them.

II Thessalonians 2:1-8 refutes this:

And it makes it clear that both His coming and his gathering the saints are in the same day (II Thess. 2:1, 2) and further states that that day will not come until three things happen! [vrs.3,6,8 respectively (II Thess. 2:3, 6, 8)

A falling away (II Thess. 2:3) first,

Then the son of perdition (little horn antichrist, son of Satan) will be revealed, ( II Thess.2:3)

Then Satan, the wicked one will be revealed. ( II Thess.2:8

Then the day of Christ is at hand!

Paul tells them in no uncertain terms that the day is not at hand, not impending, because three things must happen before, and none have when he wrote II Thess!!

Please, if you believe in a Pre-Tribulation rapture, you are listening to false teachers, and not to Paul the Apostle who makes it clear here.

Yahshua does as well in (Matthew 24:29, 30, 31) when he lists all the things that will happen in the "beginning of sorrows" (Matthew 24:8) and what follows (Matthew 24:9-14) then the abomination of desolation (Matt.24:15), and then "great tribulation" (Matt.24:21) and then some things that are contained in it (Matt.24:22-28) and then immediately after the tribulation of those days (Matt.24:29) he will come in the clouds (Matt.24:30) and with a great sound of a trumpet, his angels will gather together his elect from the four winds (Matt.24:31).

Wake up!!! It doesn't get any clearer than that!!!

You can be deceived, and fall away from the faith, when you aren't raptured as you have probably been taught, before the little horn antichrist is revealed, the son of perdition 666, and then probably take the mark of the beast on your forehead or on your right hand,

Star of David is the Mark of the Beast

and then take the chip to partake in his economic New World Order

system, and be doomed forever in the lake of fire!!!

(Lake of Fire)

You make the choice. You can choose the truth, i.e. life, or choose death!

When Satan gets kicked out of the second heaven (outer space and the realm of the stars and star gods ppt) because of the birth of the manchild company of believers in Yahshua who have allowed Christ to be formed in them, then the biggest lie and strong delusion (II Thess.2:11) since the garden of Eden is coming upon those whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life.

Remember the Serpent, Satan told Eve if she partook of the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that her eyes would be opened and she would be as gods? (Gen.3:5)

There were two trees in the middle of the Garden. The tree of life (Yahshua) and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Satan)!

All the fruit of the tree of life which is of the Spirit of Yah is good. (Gal.5:22, 23)

But the works of the flesh are bad fruit. They are on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! (Gal. 5:19, 20, 21)


Adam and Eve his wife ate of the fruit of adultery and fornication!!

(Gen.2:9, 16, 17)

The delusion is that satan and his fallen angels are alien gods from other worlds and that we can become gods if we partake of the fruit (evil fruit of fornication with him or fallen angels)!

It is the same old lie that Satan told Eve in the garden of Eden, and she believed him and partook of his fruit.

Take the mark and you will believe the lie and the strong delusion (II Thess.2:10, 11) that Yah/God Himself will send upon you!!!

Same thing is about to happen, as well as it did in the Days of Noah. So shall it be in the Coming of the Son of Man/Yah!!

See also star of David.

False Rapture ppt

To be continued!
























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